About the institute

Institute for Political Management (IPM) is a think tank,

established with the purpose of researching, developing and applied operation in the field of politics, more concretely in the field of political management. Due to many years of applied work and research, associates of our consortium provide a comprehensive set of services in the fields of political management, crisis communication, advocacy, lobbying, and consulting in political situations and processes.

Mission of the IPM

is the development of the industry of political management. In this regard our associates work on empirical researches of political management and integration of multidisciplinary knowledge in the field of politics. We offer our clients top-notch services that are adapted to their needs and requirements.

Vision of the IPM

is to remain a respected and trustworthy institution. The principle we are therefore pursuing is professionalization, which is at the same time an imperative of our work. We are striving to ensure that the work of the institute is based on inclusion and connecting with the stakeholders from politics and various social subsystems, with the goal of raising the level of political culture in Slovenia.

Domen Kos


Domen Kos is a doctor candidate at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. His doctoral dissertation deals with local election campaigns in Slovenia. Over his career he gained experiences with different research and applied projects, as well as in networks in which he collaborated as a part of the leadership teams. His wider field of interest includes researching politics and political management, voting behavior and political communication.

Dr. Alem Maksuti

Political Communication Adviser

Assistant professor for political science. (Co)author of scientific papers, published in domestic and foreign scientific journals. He works as a researcher, political analyst and university professor. His wider field of interests includes researching of political parties, political communication, participation, voting behavior and public policies.

Tjaša Božič

European Affairs and International Cooperation Adviser

Master of International Relations, dealing with the question of the responsibility in the international human rights regime and the (in)effectiveness of the human rights protection in cases of mass atrocities. Her field of interest also includes the European Union, foreign policy, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship. She has rich experiences with organizing and leading projects, educational activities, symposia and summer schools, and she is a frequent participant in numerous international and scientific conferences.

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