IT Lab

We live in a rapidly changing environment, which constantly generates needs for adaptations, for which information technology offers many opportunities. Interoperate digital solutions constitute smart communities, which can, in the case of adequate design and implementation, lead to increased transparency of institutions, higher quality of public services, lowering costs of public expenditure and reestablishing trust in public institutions. In dealing with the global crisis of democracy, reestablishing mutual trust between citizens and their institutions is key to a healthy and functioning democratic society.

In this context we see new technologies as a mean to achieve this goal. Fundamental mission of the newly established IT laboratory IPM is research and development of innovative IT solutions with an interdisciplinary approach. In our work we collaborate with verified technological partners and professionals from the world of technology. The result of this collaboration are personalized IT solutions, tailored according to our clients’ needs, which show practical utility of new technologies. The practical utility is based on understanding of organizations, strategies, processes and customers’ needs.

We are currently developing a unique IPM product, which will be presented to the public in the end of 2018. Afterwards, we will offer our knowledge and services to potential clients on the market.

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