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Slavoj Žižek: zakaj je strpnost pokroviteljska

3. aprila 2019

“Because it’s easy to be a non-racist in this political correct way oh I respect your food, your national identities, no. When does it happen real contact with another? I claim it’s very difficult to arrive at it without a small exchange of an obscenity. It works in a wonderful way. So I claim for me and ideal post racist situation is let’s say I am an Indian and you are an African American. We are telling all the time dirty jokes to each other about each other about ourselves, but in such a way that we just laugh and the more we are telling them the more we are friends. Why? Because in this way we really resolved the tension of racism. What I’m afraid, now coming back to your question, with political correctness is that it’s a desperate reaction. They know they cannot solve the real problem so they escaped into controlling how we speak about it. And by real problem I don’t to mean in a primitive way just economic redistribution and so on, but even the symbolic fact of actual social relationship and so on.”

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20. junija 2019

Bob Dylan in popularna kultura

Patricija Jereb Gojković, mag. medkulturnega menedžmenta Arhaične ločnice...

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13. junija 2019

Neskončna neodločnost? London po evropskih volitvah

Združeno kraljestvo je postalo spreminjajoče se politično in...

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6. junija 2019

Diskusija Žižek-Peterson: kritika ideologij in reformistična...

Pred časom smo si lahko ogledali diskusijo, ki...

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